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Dear Sirs:

We wish to acknowledge our complete satisfaction with the purchase of our electric fence from Amazon Electric Fence Company which spans almost the entire perimeter of our development known as Cascade River Gardens and the efficient after sales service which is of utmost importance. They are true professionals in their field. We have not regretted this expenditure which not only is a crime deterrent but also contributes to the safety of our residents

Board of Directors
Cascade River Gardens Limited

- Cascade River Gardens

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Q: An alarm? What kind of alarm?
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Q: So it’s only able to go on top of walls?
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Q: Wow that sounds great! But what if someone cuts the wires?
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Q: Using high voltage wire fencing to protect your property? Is electric fencing legal?
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About Amazon Electric Fencing

Company History and Background

Amazon Electric Fencing Company was formed in March 2009 as a specialist company providing non lethal electric fence installations for perimeter protection. This product arose out of a need to provide a higher level of security in the local environment.

Thus far the only security devices and systems used in the country were equipped only to trigger a visual or audible signal in the event of an alarm or unauthorized entry. The effectiveness of this type of alarm is now questionable since it provides only a monitoring function and has no means of deterring an attempted entry.

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Core Business

The core business of the company is to supply, install and maintain electric fences and to provide, at a later stage monitoring of installations via an internet communication facility.

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Key Personnel

Conrad Chow

Mr. Chow is one of the founders of the company and is the pioneer of electric fences in Trinidad and Tobago. He was instrumental in bringing this technology to the country and forming the first electric fence company in Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Chow has been involved in most of the current electric fence installations in the country.

Mr. Chow is a qualified electrical engineer, a member of the Board of Engineering of Trinidad and Tobago and a member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Chow has been involved in all aspects of Electrical and Electronic engineering, project development and project management in numerous projects across the Caribbean and Canada.

At Amazon Mr. Chow is responsible for systems configuration, system design and integration.

Jonathan Chow

Jonathan has been involved in the installation of electric fences since its inception in Trinidad and Tobago and has received extensive training in Venezuela and Costa Rica in the installation of electric fences and fence energizers. Jonathan is accredited by SPEEDRITE ® (the manufacturer of energizers used in Amazon installations) and is a certified SPEEDRITE ® installer of electric fence energizers. Jonathan has been involved with the installation of several of the largest electric fence installations currently installed in the country. Jonathan is responsible for all aspects of installation and maintenance of Amazon Electric Fencing Systems.

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Legal Aspects

Electric Fence have been widely used for more than 50 years in countries with the same legal system as Trinidad (viz. Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and many other countries of the British Commonwealth). The legal aspects of electric fences have been exhaustively researched by our legal advisers (D. Hannays &Co) and have given us the legal green light for installation throughout the Caribbean.

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System Operation

The effectiveness of non lethal electric fences have been proven in many countries and is thee only available perimeter protection system that provides an immediate deterrent (a non lethal electric shock) and a warning signal (can be used to trigger an alarm system, send a signal to a remote location, send an alarm over a network, be incorporated into a SCADA system) to a potential intruder.

The system can operate purely in the monitor mode ie., provide a warning of attempted unauthorized entry or exit or in fully energized mode ie., non lethal shock and warning signal.

The system delivers a high voltage (approximately 8,000 to 10,000volts of non lethal electricity) and low current (approximately 1 milliamp) electric shock upon contact. The intensity of the fence is approximately one fifth of the energy delivered by a cardiac defibrillator used for reviving the heart in cardiac emergency.

The system consists principally of an energizer, metal posts equipped with special insulators, several rows of braided stainless steel wire, grounding system, double insulated lead in wiring, power supply with back up battery and audible and visual alarms as required by the installation.

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Amazon Electric is the authorized distributor of Speedrite ® electric fence energizers in the Eastern Caribbean and its personnel are fully trained in all aspects of installation of this equipment.

TRU TEST® is a world recognized manufacturer of electric fence energizers
(see website: http://www.speedrite.com/sef/emu_new.asp ).

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Accessories and Ancillary Equipment

Amazon uses only the finest ancillary equipment in its installations. The wires employed in its installations are all stainless steel braided wire, all insulators are UV protected PVC, supporting posts are of anti corrosive treated metal, ground connection are properly tested prior to commissioning, double insulated high voltage cable as lead in wire.

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Solar Power

Amazon Electric Fencing provides innovative solar powering for its fences. Using solar power eliminates the need for any connection to the local utility and the need for electrical distribution cabling to power the fences. Incorporated in this solar alternative, Amazon supplies and installs solar powered perimeter lighting. This lighting system is mounted on the fence and provides a totally integrated solution to the perimeter security.

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Sample Installations

Photos of sample installations are attached for your reference.

Typical Installation of electric fencing with wrought iron fence.

Typical chain link fence installation.

Typical residential installation on wall top.

Corner installation.

Typical wall top installation.

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Amazon Electric Fences are guaranteed for a period of six months from all manufacturing and installation defects. It is to be noted that this warranty does not include the repair or replacement of equipment damaged by malicious intent or obvious misuse.

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